Xuejun Mould on 27th Malaysia International Machinery Fair
发布日期:2016-9-7    点击率:4797
We attended 27th Malaysia International Machinery Fair between 28th and 31th on July.
The 27th Malaysia International Machinery Fair is the largest and professional international machinery exhibition in Malaysia. 
The exhibition has successfully held 26 sessions, and has been recognized by the Ministry of foreign trade development in Malaysia. 

The area for the fair is about 13000 square meters and more than 200 companies which come from Germany, Philippines, China, South Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and China's Hongkong, Taiwan and Malaysia and other 11 countries  attended the exhibition. Over 70% exhibitors comes from foreign. During the exhibition, there are over 17,000 people visited the fair,which comes from Southeast Asian and the Middle East of the Asian, 85% of the exhibits were ordered on the spot. Comparing with the last exhibition, there are 10% increase for the customer.

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